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For any business, the goal should be to employ strategies that’ll help to increase sales. 

But finding new methods can be difficult. Especially when marketing strategies are changing at the speed of light, it can be challenging to know which ones will yield results and which ones are well, overhyped.

Fortunately, this week’s round-up is designed to help. In it, we’ll look at ten articles from the experts that can help you to find new ways to increase your sales. These articles are full of tips geared toward helping your business grow, generate leads, and increase sales. 

From navigating Amazon’s marketplace to using micro-influencers, tips on increasing sales with existing customers, advice on using Google’s new Retail Search tool, and more, sales and marketing experts this week had tons of advice to share.

How To Increase Online Sales & eCommerce Website Sales in 2022” by Justin Smith


Kicking things off this week with twenty methods to increase sales and boost website traffic was ecommerce and SEO expert Justin Smith

Smith covers a wide range of techniques to help boost sales, including offering freebies, having sound return policies, optimizing your site for mobile, and email marketing. However, the technique he emphasizes the most is improving your SEO which will help bring more traffic and potential customers to your website.

The reality is that there are countless methods and techniques out there to increase sales and boost traffic to your online store. The trick is to find the best techniques for your business and target audience. But of course, SEO is something that almost any online business can benefit from. Be sure to read Smith’s article to help find the right methods for your business. 

How To Increase Sales With Existing Customers” by Christine Lee

Many businesses believe that you must increase your customer base to increase sales. However, according to marketer Christine Lee, it’s often simpler and faster to increase sales by reaching out instead to existing customers. Lee covered six methods to help you do just that this week on E-Marketing Associates

Some of the strategies Lee mentions include simply focusing more attention on engaging your current customers with your promotional efforts, always staying in check with their needs, and using customer loyalty programs. However, the most important tip that Lee notes is to regularly review the available data you have on your customer base, which will always help you find opportunities to encourage them to buy from you again and again.


If you’ve been struggling to increase sales, perhaps you’ve been focusing too much on securing potential customers instead of targeting your existing customer base. To learn how to change that, be sure to check out Lee’s article.

 “Amazon Seller Tips to Increase Sales in 2022 and Scale your Business” by Ankitha Nagaraj 

Not all ecommerce businesses sell solely from their personal online store. Many today use marketplaces to sell their products and reach a greater audience. The most popular option for many is Amazon. Ecommerce expert Ankitha Nagaraj provides you with some tips this week to help increase sales on the platform. 

According to Nagaraj, “Merely being present on this platform does not reap your profits. You need to understand that Amazon is a marketplace driven by product visibility, price, and customer service. Only a pro seller would be able to succeed in this marketplace. To keep up with the changing industry trends, you need to learn constantly.” 

She offers several different tips on how to increase sales using the marketplace, such as conducting market research, using reliable suppliers, and optimizing your products for SEO. She also notes the importance of keeping current with updates and changes at Amazon, which can be done by regularly reading new information online or by attending Amazon sellers’ conferences.

Amazon is a fantastic marketplace that offers plenty of benefits for online businesses, however only when done right. To find out more about how to correctly sell on Amazon to scale your business and boost sales, be sure to check out Nagaraj’s article. 

The 7 Factors Of A Successful Sales Strategy—No Bull” by Lance Tyson 


A sound sales strategy should always be the first step when approaching your business. However, producing a strategy that will deliver results is never easy. Here to help this week, covering seven factors of a successful sales strategy, was President of Tyson Group and bestselling author, Lance Tyson. 

To succeed in achieving your sales goals, you need a winning strategy. In this article, Tyson highlights several different factors that come into play when producing results-driven sales strategies, including sales leadership, sales management, investing in your sales talent, and nailing down your sales process. 

Great strategies are always more than just having modern and effective techniques. They require sound methodology as well. Could your sales strategy do with a re-think? If so, Tyson’s article is a great place to start. 

How Social Media Marketing can 10x your Business Sales in 2022” by Angelo Amonelo 


The importance of having a social media marketing plan in place for your business today is a no-brainer. Successful social media marketing can build your brand awareness, give you a competitive advantage, and effectively increase sales. Covering the subject in more depth this week was digital marketer Angelo Amonelo.

According to Amonelo, brands must shift their focus to developing effective and smart social media strategies to reach their target audience, generate brand awareness, and boost sales. He then lists several examples and methods on how to achieve this, paying particularly close attention to the different techniques you can use to generate more sales, such as using influencer marketing and paid advertising. 

Using social media effectively is a key part of growth for most online businesses. If you’re still not sure where to start, be sure to give Amonelo’s article a read and start using social media more actively to increase your sales.  

Is This The Era Of Social Entertainment For Sales? Experts Tell All” by Catherine Erdly 

Twitter | Website 

A popular technique that many businesses are currently using to attract customers and drive sales is social media influencers. But what is it that’s made this marketing technique so sought-after? Covering the subject further this week, and paying particular attention to the specific advantages of using micro-influencers, was retail expert Catherine Erdly

According to Erdly, although micro-influencers usually have a smaller following than more established influencers, they have been found to outperform larger influencers in terms of engagement rate, making them incredibly valuable to brands. Another benefit of micro-influencers that Erdly notes is that they’re usually better at creating authentic content than larger influencers, which is key to improving customer affinity, which then drives sales. 


“When finding and engaging a new audience becomes increasingly more expensive, partnering with well-aligned micro-influencers may well be a cost-effective and efficient method to drive sales that brands and retailers will want to explore in 2022,” writes Erdly. To find out more about how you can incorporate micro-influencers into your sales strategy, check out this article. 

Benefits of Paid Advertising: Drive More Conversions in 5 Easy Steps” by Neal Patel 

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Another tactic that many businesses use to increase business and sales is paid advertising. However, if not used correctly, paid advertising can become expensive fast and even hinder your business. To ensure that doesn’t happen, tech guru Neal Patel dove into the subject this week, offering five methods to help you make the most out of your paid advertising campaigns. 

Patel first covers paid advertising and the many types you may encounter, such as paid search and social media advertising. He then suggests a few methods to help you effectively use paid advertising, including the correct use of longtail keywords, understanding the different types of paid ads, and regularly tracking and reviewing your results. 

Paid advertising is a great way to boost sales, increase your brand awareness, and build your customer base. But only if it’s done correctly! Be sure to check out Patel’s fantastic article on the subject this week to find out more. 

Google Introduces Retail Search For Ecommerce Sites” by Brian Frederick 


Google Cloud announced the release of its new Retail Search tool this week, to help online retailers improve the entirety of their customer’s shopping experience and on-site searches. Covering the news in greater detail was writer Brian Frederick on Search Engine Journal


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In a nutshell, Google’s Retail Search makes it easier for new customers to find the products they want by putting Google-quality search directly on a retailer’s site. With the tool, Frederick shares, “Merchants can apply business rules to fine-tune what customers see, diversify product displays, filter by availability, and add custom tags, as they see fit.”

The announcement of Google’s Retail Search tool is an exciting one, as it directly addresses shifting consumer preferences and helps streamline digital shopping experiences, which overall aids sales growth. To find out more about this new tool, be sure to give Frederick’s article a read. 

103 Small Business Marketing Ideas To Help You Grow” by Adam Proehl 


Whether you’re trying to attract new customers or maintain existing customers to improve sales, it requires a great deal of work to get your strategies right. This week, digital marketer Adam Proehl did some of the brainstorming for you with his article that’s filled with 103 creative ways and methods to grow your business.

Proehl conveniently broke down the article into several different categories, each full of effective methods and tactics to grow your customer base and increase sales, including creating content, customer acquisition ideas, customer retention ideas, and promotional content techniques. 

Sometimes the hardest part of strategy creation is coming up with new marketing materials and ideas to execute. If that’s a problem your business is encountering, Proehl’s fantastic article is sure to get your inspiration flowing again to bring about results. 

 “What Is a Money Page, and How Do You Optimize One?” by Timothy Carter 


When it comes to increasing online sales, having a solid website is crucial. However, according to writer and SEO expert Timothy Carter, some of your site’s pages are more important than others: he calls these money pages. But what exactly are money pages, and how should you be optimizing them to increase your sales numbers? 

“A money page is any page of your site that has a high likelihood of helping you generate revenue,” shares Carter. For example, a money page could be services pages, product pages, or dedicated landing pages that all have a call to action enticing visitors to spend money. He then covers some tips on how to improve these pages to convert leads, such as improving SEO and focusing on providing concise value. 

Are you optimizing your money pages to their maximum potential? If not, be sure to give Carter’s article a further read and start improving the performance of these pages and increasing sales numbers. 

The Next Step: Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Social media is a great tool that many businesses use to grow their business, attract customers, and increase sales, which plenty of experts offered advice on in this week’s round-up. 

Here’s how you can update your social media marketing plan to directly increase sales: 

Step One: Conduct an audience review to figure out what your customers are interested in and like, what they are buying, and more specifically, what products of yours are they buying. 

Step Two: Take a look at how your competitors are using social media to sell their products. Do they use influencers to attract customers? Are they sharing user-generated content? What’s their balance like between sales-targeted content and generic content? 

Step Three: Using some of the advice from this week’s round-up, start trialing some new methods to engage your social media audience while showing them why they should buy your products. Some methods could include using micro-influencers, offering coupons in posts, encouraging followers to share their customer experience, and using chatbots to offer sales support. 

Bonus Tip: Many social media platforms, such as Instagram, now allow businesses to sell directly on their platforms. If you haven’t already, start building your social media catalog on the platform/s of your choice, and then begin promoting these products through stories, reels, product tags, and feed posts. For more information on how to start selling using Instagram’s shop feature, check out this article.

Implementing successful marketing strategies can be hard work. If your business could use some help, reach out today for your free 20-minute consultation. Let’s find a way to update your marketing strategy to increase your sales. 

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