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Despite being the holiday season, marketing experts and other industry insiders had plenty on their minds this past week, especially when it comes to ecommerce. 

What ecommerce marketing strategies are they recommending this week? Everything from NFTs to visual search optimization to using Instagram’s guide tool. In this week’s round-up, we’ll take a look at the ten must-read articles from this past week.

See what strategies experts are recommending for ecommerce store owners this week; and in the year ahead. Who knows? You just might find a tip or two that you can include in your ecommerce marketing strategy.

Ecommerce Marketing Tips

1. “Navigating Brand Response Advertising in 2022” by Christena Garduno

Brand expert Christena Garduno dove into the world of brand response advertising this week on MarketingProfs. In the article, Garduno covers what brand response advertising is and its advantages and then explores the current popular trends associated with the technique. Some of these include personalization and hyper-targeting, AI use, and voice marketing.   

Garduno suggests three practices to help navigate your brand response advertising in 2022, such as combining the technique with content marketing. However, one suggestion that really stands out is: ensuring that you are constantly innovating and exploring new methods with your brand response advertising.

She notes that this is incredibly important today, particularly when it comes to advertising online, due to the rapid development of technology and online platforms. 

The best way to remain effective is by staying on top of all the new updates that platforms roll out and then continually trying to invent new methods. Getting there first gives you an advantage.

2. “How to Optimize Your eCommerce Site For Visual Search” by Sibghatullah Inaam

Sibghatullah Inaam stresses the importance of staying on top of new technology and tools to create original marketing opportunities in his article this week, which is focused on visual search optimization. This article is a fantastic dive into this exciting technology, which offers businesses countless opportunities to maximize their profits and grow their customer base, according to Inaam. 


The article covers all the essentials from what visual searches are, how they are used, what platforms offer visual search tools, and, most importantly, several possibilities for ecommerce businesses to use the technology.

But before jumping into such tactics, ecommerce businesses must ensure their stores are optimized for visual searches. To ensure this, Inaam advises tactics such as submitting image sitemaps, using structured data, and image optimization.

Overall, this article gives some interesting insight on an innovative online tool that isn’t widely talked about but is growing fast. If you’re not up to speed on the benefits of visual search optimization, be sure to give this a read. 

3. “The Days of Calling on a Hotline Are Gone. Social Media is King” by Krishna Athal

One of the more interesting finds this week by Entrepreneur Network member Krishna Athal offers a stimulating opinion as to why social media is now, as he puts it, ‘king.’ 

His main argument as to why social media has become so vital is because of the way consumers have developed, and how they now want to be informed and responded to in the least amount of time to fit their busy day-to-day lives. 

As Athal notes, gone are the days of spending hours on the phone calling customer service about a problem. Consumers today send a quick tweet or DM and wait for the response.

However, because social media is a form of two-way communication, tactics such as interacting with a business online publicly give more power to the consumer than ever before – and is where things can quickly go wrong for businesses. 

Athal offers an interesting perspective for businesses trying to navigate the relationship between themselves and their customers that is worth a further read. 

4. “6 Use Cases for NFTs in Marketing Campaigns” by Ryan Stewart

Have you come across NFTs yet? Perhaps one of the hottest things to emerge in recent years, an NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital asset that cannot be replicated and is stored on a blockchain. Confused? Don’t worry. Digital marketing consultant Ryan Stewart has you covered. 

This week on Business 2 Community, Stewart tackled the almighty subject of the growing phenomenon of NFTs and why you should consider using them. Stewart covers all the essentials in a fun and constructive manner to help you wrap your head around what can be a confusing subject, and then finally offers several cases as to why you should consider involving NFTs in future campaigns. 


The web is constantly changing and new methods for ecommerce and digital transactions are always in the works. This is why educating yourself about emerging trends, such as NFTs, is important to ensure your business doesn’t miss out.

5. “TikTok Just Ended Google’s 15 Year Reign as the World’s Most Popular Web Domain” by Jason Aten

Continuing the subject of internet revolution, it was recently announced that TikTok has overtaken Google as the most used internet site, ending the tech giant’s 15-year reign. Tech whiz Jason Aten covered the news and further discussed the rapid growth of the social media platform, and more importantly, why it’s now time to jump on board. 

As Aten points out, this news shouldn’t be surprising. TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform ever, with now more than one billion active users. However, the fact is, many were shocked. This is because common assumptions about TikTok often include that it’s a platform for teenagers to post ‘silly’ dances and memes.

The reality is that TikTok has bloomed into quite the opposite. Some of the most popular content on the app is how-to videos and product demonstrations, shared by influencers in partnership with brands. And that’s only just getting started. 

If your business is looking to join the TikTok world anytime soon, or if you’re just curious as to how Google was finally overthrown, this article is an excellent read to freshen your knowledge on TikTok and where it may go next. 

6. “How to Use Instagram Guides in Your Marketing” by Neil Patel

Sticking to social media, Neil Patel discussed the subject of Instagram Guides on his blog this week and how to use them amongst your marketing efforts. Patel covers it all, from what Instagram Guides are, how others are using them, and why your business should use them to drive sales and brand awareness. 

Ultimately, Patel emphasizes that because Guides are long-form content (a first for Instagram), they provide many unique benefits compared to the other shopping tools on the social platform. This includes keeping people on your page for longer, a greater extension of reach, faster sales conversations, and being widely shareable across the app.

Patel’s article is a great read if your business is looking to open an Instagram shop or make improvements with the way you’re using the tool.  

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7. “Content Marketing Vs. Copywriting: The #1 Strategy to Massively Boost Online Sales” by Alex Cattoni

This week, marketing guru Alex Cattoni covered the important topic of content marketing vs. copywriting on her blog. Cattoni goes over the basics, from the differences between the two techniques, and how they can be carried out. However, the main point Cattoni drives is that the two techniques should be used together instead of separately to create the most effective and powerful marketing campaigns. 

Cattoni uses the example of emailing to further address the importance of the harmonious use of these two techniques, which in return will help drive sales and build customer rapport.

She then offers three tips on how to effectively use content marketing and copywriting together when reaching out to your customer base, including the importance of frequency and consistency, and how to personalize and create engaging email content.

While Cattoni’s article may seem self-explanatory she goes in-depth as to how getting your content marketing and copywriting right is crucial to your overall marketing efforts. If this is an area you could improve in the new year, especially when it comes to email, give this article a read. 

8. “How Will Repurposing Content Help You Increase Your Brand Awareness” by Elena Cucu

A simple tactic that will save time and potentially boost your SEO is repurposing content, which social media marketer and writer Elena Cucu covered this week on Social Insider

There are many simple and creative ways to do so that will make this technique fun and easy, while also further establishing your brand awareness. Some of the repurposing tactics that Cucu notes are turning old blog posts into podcasts, redesigning infographics, and re-modeling social media visuals. 

But the first step, and a common mistake many marketers make, is to establish what content to repurpose. An easy way to do that is by looking back at your Google Analytics to see what posts or content drove up traffic or sales. 


All in all, this article is a great look into how to repurpose old content into valuable and innovative new posts, to continue driving sales and rapport with your customers. 

9. “What Ecommerce Trends Will Define 2022” by Fernando Angulo

An excellent and straightforward wrap-up of the top ecommerce trends to watch out for in the new year was published on Semrush this week by market researcher Fernando Angulo

Top on Angulo’s list was unsurprisingly a focus on sustainability, which has been a growing trend for the past five years and will undoubtedly continue as more and more companies transition away from plastics and look for cleaner packaging options.

Similarly, number two on Anglulo’s list was upcycling, vintage, and second-hand items that many are starting to capitalize on including big ecommerce businesses, like Amazon, which now offers refurbished technology to buyers such as Kindles and Apple AirPods. 

One of the most surprising pieces of this article is when it stresses the importance of being knowledgeable about cryptocurrency, as Angulo anticipates that ecommerce websites may soon need to adapt to this payment method. 

Staying on top of ecommerce trends, particularly as we approach a new year, is always a good idea when it comes to managing a successful online business. Be sure to check out this article to see all of the current top trends mentioned above and more.  

10. “SEO 2021 Year In Review: Endless Updates, Title Rewrites, GMB Becomes GBP and More” by Corey Patterson

And lastly, we cannot forget the colossal year it’s been when it’s come to SEO updates and rewrites, which SEO expert Corey Patterson summarized on Search Engine Land this week

From endless Google updates, new reporting analytics and tools, SERP changes, Google map updates, new eCommerce and retail requirements, and more, 2021 was a huge year for SEO. Patterson offers a great and easy summary of everything that happened in the SEO world in 2021 – which was plenty! While the article is a great reflection of what’s occurred, it’s also a good prompt to look back at your SEO and make sure you’re all covered. 

Patterson’s main observation is to ensure your site is compliant and is supportive of all users, something that many brands are responding to due to demand for greater accessibility and increased privacy


So there you have it. If you’re wanting to take a walk down memory lane to make sure you were across everything to do with SEO in 2021, this article is a great place to look. 

How about you? Have you discovered any great marketing tips this week?

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