Last Updated: May 20, 2022

With the internet changing all the time, new tools, methods, and techniques pop up almost every day that change the way shoppers engage with brands. 

That is why this week, we’ve rounded up some articles focusing on techniques to generate and increase your sales. From cold DM-ing on Instagram to diversifying your sales channels, using social ecommerce tools, creating goal-oriented content, and more, there’s plenty of fantastic advice in this week’s round-up to guide your ecommerce strategies. 

Let’s check them all out!

How To Generate Sales Through Direct Messages On Instagram” by Tony Pec


Cold calling might seem like a sales technique of the past. However, instead of disappearing entirely, it’s been replaced with something called cold DM-ing, according to co-founder of Y Not You Media Tony Pec, who covered the subject further this week and how to use it on Instagram.

“The cold DM on Instagram can be an effective way to generate leads, sales, connections, employees, and other opportunities,” notes digital creation expert Pec. But to get it right and be effective takes a bit of work. Pec then lists a few tips to help out, such as narrowing in on your target audience, engaging with your customers, and repeating a process that works for you. 

While direct messaging on social media was once a method to provide excellent customer service, today there are plenty of creative ways to use it, such as cold DM-ing. Do you use cold DM-ing to generate sales online? If not, now is a great time to start!

How Just a 2 Percent Lift in Ecommerce Conversions Can Grow Your Company by $72,000” by Reagan Pollack 

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One of the most frustrating things for ecommerce businesses is working exhaustively to push a customer down your sales funnel for them to abandon their cart at the last minute. Almost 98% of shoppers fail to complete online checkouts. But what if that number could be lowered? Covering some tips on how to do just that was author and start-up expert Reagan Pollack this week. 

Driving up ecommerce conversion rates to increase sales can be difficult, but not impossible, according to Pollack. One way to work out how to increase sales conversions is to look at why they are failing in the first place. He then lists the three key areas that stunt ecommerce sales, such as checkout friction or anxiety, a lack of trust, and unexpected fees. 


If your online store is victim to any of the three stunts Pollack listed, be sure to check out this article to find solutions to the problem and begin improving your sales performance today. 

Social Media for eCommerce: 5 Ways to Boost Your Revenue in 2022” by Téa Liarokapi 


Selling on social media can be incredibly beneficial for ecommerce businesses when tackled right. However, slow periods always happen. To help out, senior content writer at Moosend Téa Liarokapi this week covered five ways to boost revenue when such a situation occurs.

Liarokapi’s article covers all the basics you need to know about selling on social media in 2022, before diving into some tips on how to get truly nail it. According to Liarokapi, elements such as setting smart KPIs, targeting potential customers on the right platforms, and creating content central to your brand’s tone are key to driving sales on social media. 

If you think your ecommerce sales strategy could benefit from selling on social media, make sure to check out Liarokapi’s fantastic guide on how to get it right this week. 

Why the Smartest Retailers Are Cashing in on Social Commerce (and How You Can Too)” by Boris Lokschin


Another expert speaking about social ecommerce this week was co-founder and CEO of Spryker Systems Boris Lokschin, who looked at why brands should be jumping at the opportunity to sell at the intersection of digital commerce and social media in 2022.

In the article, Lokschin covers the current state of social commerce and the various platforms that are now offering such tools, such as Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. He then discusses the benefits for brands selling on social media, and why it’s almost becoming a must for online businesses. 

“Innovators will win in the social commerce revolution, while brands that are slow to react will find themselves losing followers,” notes entrepreneur Lokschin. Be sure to check out this article to find out more about social ecommerce and why your ecommerce brand needs it. 

3 Ways Millennials And Gen Z Are Changing The Dynamics Of Sales” by Manny Medina 


Online and digital sales are ramping up, there’s no doubt about that. But who exactly are online shoppers and why have they taken to it? According to the CEO of Outreach Manny Medina, it is the Millennials and Gen Z, which he further covered this week in an interesting article on Forbes

“Millennials and Gen Z are redesigning the sales process and helping their companies close the gap between potential and performance by leveraging technology to increase efficiency,” writes digital sales expert Medina. He also notes in the article that the new sales dynamic is helping to optimize and stabilize digital sales teams across businesses while diminishing hierarchies. 

Chances are your digital sales are targeted at those who fit the Millennial or Gen Z demographic. To find out more about how their generations are shaping online shopping for the better, check out this article. 

Why E-Commerce Businesses Need to Rethink Their Channel Strategy” by Ruslan Fazlyez


Thousands of online businesses today are beginning to discover the benefits of connecting with their customers across multiple sales channels, including helping to increase sales and customer experience. However, whether they have a plan behind omnichannel marketing is another question. CEO of Ecwid by Lightspeed, Ruslan Fazlyez covered the subject further in his article on the importance of implementing channel strategies. 

To survive in today’s competitive online environment, it is vital that companies diversify their sales channels, notes Fazlyez, as not all your audience is going to hang out in the same place. He then gives some advice on how small businesses can diversify to reach greater audiences and increase sales, such as by advertising across a range of social media platforms, collecting and using customer data to make informed decisions, and giving marketplaces a-go. 

Are you marketing and selling across a range of digital platforms? If not, you’ll want to start doing so after reading this article.

4 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to the Business” by Kim Moutsos

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One of the more common online marketing techniques today is without a doubt content marketing, due to the overwhelming benefits it can provide to a business. According to Content Marketing Institute editor Kim Moutsos, there are still some misconceptions around how content marketing can align with such business goals, with many marketers still viewing the technique as simply pushing out pretty pictures. 

According to Moutsos, setting business-led content marketing goals is a great way to set yourself up for success when it comes to content marketing. She then gives some advice on how to set, implement, and track business-focused goals such as creating leads, increasing sales, and gathering customer testimonials

The companies that have the most success with content marketing are usually those who set informed plans, get them to work, and then conduct reviews regularly. If your content marketing could be more goal-oriented, be sure to check out this article. 

Marketplaces are taking over B2B commerce. Here’s a game plan for operators and sellers” by Oliver Siodmak and Angela Troccoli

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A popular channel for online businesses to sell on today is marketplaces, due to their ability to reach more customers and increase sales. Covering more about the subject and why to sell on them was the managing director at Deloitte Digital Oliver Siodmak and senior marketing director at Mirakl, Angela Troccoli

“Beyond just reaching a broader audience, marketplaces make it possible for businesses to work together in streamlining their supply chains and producing stronger financial results with increased profitability,” writes Siodmak and Troccoli. They then dive into some tips on how to get going with marketplaces, such as by finding marketplaces focused on seller experience and using digital tools. 

Although Siodmak and Troccoli mainly focus on B2B ecommerce, the article offers plenty of valuable insights into the current state of marketplaces and how to sell effectively on them. Be sure to check it out!

New TikTok Tool Surfaces Useful Insights For Marketers” by Matt Southern


TikTok has become a go-to social media platform for many brands, due to its ability to drive solid ROIs for brands and stronger sales efficiency. And luckily, the app is only getting better. Covering the news of a new TikTok tool to further aid marketers was Search Engine Journal writer Matt Southern

This new TikTok tool offers insights and market research that marketers can use to target various demographics all around the world, according to Southern. Some of these insights include more information about audience behavior, interests, and general sentiment towards brands, which are all incredibly useful to access when creating results-driven content


Tools like this that allow you to pinpoint and analyze data at such a high level provide incredible insights to target your audience effectively and improve sales. Make sure to give this article a read this week to be completely versed in this new TikTok update. 

 “4 Simple Email Marketing Automation Tweaks that Increase Sales” by Gregory Zakowicz

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A fantastic marketing technique that is widely used by online businesses to connect with their audience and increase sales is email marketing. Looking this week at how automated email marketing can increase ecommerce sales was marketer and ecommerce expert at Omnisend, Gregory Zakowicz.

In the article, Zakowicz covers four email marketing tweaks to help improve ecommerce sales. These include a split welcome series of emails-based click activity, improving cart abandonment emails, and using SMS in your email marketing automation. 

Automated email marketing is a simple yet incredibly effective technique, especially when it comes to driving sales. To find out more about how your online business can start using it, give Zakowicz’s article a read.

The Next Step: Using Social Media to Drive Sales

Many experts this week cited social media as one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers and audiences with the intention of increasing sales. Whether you’re completely new to social media or have been using it for years, there’s always room for strategy improvement. 

Here’s how to tweak your social media strategy to increase sales. 

Step One: Conduct a review of your current strategy, looking at your data and analytics to determine what content is effective at improving conversion rates and how your audiences are engaging with it. 

Step Two: Now focusing on the content aimed at improving sales, take a look at how it compares to your competitors’ sale-focused content. Are they doing it slightly differently with better effect? How does their audience react to such content? 

Step Three: Begin creating new and improved content that is geared to improving sales, keeping the data on your audience in mind. Don’t be afraid to try something new and focused on a specific audience who engages with your brand regularly. Customers today want personalized content and will respond better to it, resulting in a better customer experience, so be sure to give it a go!

Pro Tip: When creating sales-focused content on social media, don’t forget to add relevant links and shopping tags to the posts should the platform allow for it. For example, if you’re posting across Instagram and use its shop tool, make sure to intertwine its various features, like product tags, into your content to maximize results.

Is your social media strategy aligned with your overall business goals, such as improving sales? If not, be sure to reach out today for your free 20-minute consultation so we can start ramping up your marketing strategy to be more goal-oriented today!

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