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In today’s digital world, online advertising is now a necessity for all businesses who want to get noticed. However, with platforms and tools changing quickly from one day to the next, keeping up with where and how to advertise online can be a challenge. 

That is why this week’s round-up is focused on advertising for small businesses and startups, full of tips and advice to help you create effective digital marketing strategies that raise brand awareness, boost your conversion rate, and produce happy customers.

From advertising on TikTok to navigating Facebook Ads, how to improve your Amazon advertising, advertising with influencers, Google Ads extensions, and plenty more, let’s get going. 

Five Tips To Improve Your Amazon Advertising” by Nick Heethuis 


If you’re selling on Amazon, chances are you’re advertising on the marketplace too. Here with five tips to improve your Amazon advertising while boosting sales and conversion rates, was ecommerce expert Nick Heethuis. “Amazon advertising is an effective way to grow your brand and attract new customers,” writes the founder of TripleShot Marketing Heethuis, but only if it’s optimized.

Heethuis’s advice includes setting up automatic and manual targeting campaigns, leveraging video ads, and focusing on ad KPIs. However, the most important step that Heethuis notes is to ensure that you’re fully optimizing your product detail pages. When a shopper clicks on your ad they are taken to a page with correct information and design. 

Be sure to check out his article to see how you can optimize your Amazon advertising. 

Facebook Ads For Beginners: FAQs, How To Set Up & Time-Saving Tips” by Alex Macura 

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Facebook Ads are an ideal way for startups or small business owners to reach their target audience, given its 2.9 billion active monthly users. However, producing campaigns that deliver results is never easy. Offering an in-depth guide full of tips and advice this week to get you a winning Facebook ads strategy was digital marketer and founder of Your Digital Assembly, Alex Macura

Macura’s guide begins by answering some general Facebook Ads FAQs, such as how much it costs and how it works. Following that, Macura runs through each step to take when first setting up your Facebook Ads Manager account and offers dozens of tips to help boost the campaign’s effectiveness. 


Facebook Ads is an incredibly versatile online advertising platform that can generate significant results for your small business. To find out more about optimizing your use of it, be sure to check out this article. 

5 Tips To Integrate TikTok Into Your Video Marketing Strategy in 2022” by Torrey Tayenaka 

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Many businesses are turning to none other than TikTok to reach their audience today due to its incredible ability to engage audiences. Covering five tips on how to integrate TikTok into your online marketing strategy was co-founder and CEO of video production agency Sparkhouse, Torrey Tayenaka

Some of the methods Tayenaka suggests include working with influencers and focusing on creating your own content. However, another technique Taynaka advises using is TikTok’s advertising features. Although more expensive than other social media platforms, TikTok offers a variety of ads to help brands reach their target audience, including in-feed ads, hashtag challenges, and banner ads, that many businesses are starting to use.

With more than one billion users and growing, TikTok is a major social media platform and could be worth considering advertising on. Check out this article to find out more about how to use the platform effectively in your overall marketing strategy.

14 Types Of Google Ads Extensions & What They Do” by Brian Frederick 


Google Ads are one of the more common online advertising methods used today by businesses both big and small. However, Google always updates and changes its ad platform, especially when it comes to extensions. Covering fourteen different Google Ads extensions and how to use them efficiently was Search Engine Journal writer, Brian Frederick

Frederick covers all the basics in his in-depth article, including what Good Ads extensions are and why and how to use them. He then dives into each different extension type, including location extensions, product extensions, sitelink extensions, and more, each filled with plenty of information to help you decide what ad type to go with. 

If you’re using Google Ads, chances are you’re always on the lookout for how you could improve your performance. Frederick’s article offers plenty of tips on how to do just that. Be sure to check it out! 

How Conversion Data improves Google Ad Automation” by Matthew Umbro 

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Sticking to the subject of Google Ads, but this time taking a look at Google Ad automation, was PPC advertising expert Matthew Umbro.  

“Google knows to show an ad to a searcher who types in the targeted keywords. But Google cannot optimize performance unless the advertiser has enabled conversion tracking,” writes the VP of advertising at Closed Loop, Umbro.

Although he notes that most advertisers have turned on the tracking, many have not optimized it. He then offers a short four-step guide on how to improve Google Ads’ automation with conversion tracking, which is sure to help boost your campaign performance. 


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Conversion tracking can often be overlooked by advertisers using Google Ads, according to Umbro. To ensure your small business is hitting the mark, and to get the most bang for your buck when using Google Ads, be sure to give Umbro’s article a read. 

The Surprising Secret to Getting More Eyes On Your Ads” by Gene Marks

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There are many methods to increase the number of eyeballs on your adverts. In fact, some new research found that simply using imagery of cats and dogs can increase your exposure by a ton! Covering the feel-good news in more depth was small business expert Gene Marks this week for Entrepreneur

“According to the researchers, exposure to dogs and cats makes consumers subsequently more promotion-focused, meaning that consumers will become more eager to pursue a goal and take more risks when making a decision,” writes Marks, best-selling author, and owner of The Marks Group PC. Ultimately the conclusion from the research is that associating a pet with your product or service gives the product an overall ‘nicer’ feel, further enticing consumers. 

Animals make people happy, and, according to this research, make them buy more too. Have you considered this technique for your advertising? If not, be sure to read Marks’ article to find out why it might be valuable for your business. 

Digital Ad Revenue Jumped 35% in the U.S. Last Year, Biggest Gain Since 2006” by Megan Graham 


It’s not just online shopping and ecommerce sales that have been on the rise over the past few years, but digital ad spending and revenue too, according to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Wall Street Journal reporter Megan Graham covered the report’s interesting findings further this week. 

The report offers several interesting findings to help guide your advertising strategies as the year continues, such as digital ad revenue having jumped by 35% in the last year, that ecommerce sales are now the main driver behind digital ad spending, and advertising on digital audios, like podcasts and streamed music, is growing faster than any other category. 

Reports such as this are great tools to influence effective strategies that will drive success. To discover more about these findings, give Graham’s rundown a further read. 

Using Meta Advantage to Simplify Your Facebook Campaigns” Anna Sonnenberg

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While many continue to use Facebook’s popular Ad Manager to manage their Facebook campaigns, Meta recently began to roll out its new Meta Advantage suite the next generation of advertising with the platform. Director of marketing, Anna Sonnenberg, covered everything you need to know about the new tool this week. 

“Meta Advantage is a suite of advertising automation tools that leverage the platform’s machine learning technology,” writes Sonnenberg, the digital marketing director at Sonnenberg Media. Currently, the tool is in beta. However, brands can expect to start seeing the new tools in Facebook Ad Manager soon that offer a variety of campaign creation workflows and optimization tools to aid digital advertising campaigns.

For more information about Meta Advantage and how you can start using it to launch successful Facebook ad campaigns, check out Sonnenberg’s excellent guide. 

Nextdoor Launches Updated Ads Platform to Help SMBs connect with Local Communities” by Andrew Hutchinson 


Sometimes, the best customers a local business can have are their local audience. a Popular neighborhood app Nextdoor knows this well. This is why the app recently announced the launch of its new ad platform to help connect local businesses with their local communities. Covering the news was Social Media Today’s manager and award-winning author, Andrew Hutchinson

Essentially, the new update is an inbuilt app platform, similar to how Facebook Ad Manager works but on a much smaller scale. Any small business owner can use its platform to build and manage campaigns right in the app, with features such as demographic targeting and analytical reporting, and is due to be fully launched in the next few months. 

“Nextdoor has over 69 million global users – so while it’s not Facebook or Instagram, it does have a sizeable audience reach to localized, engaged communities,” writes Hutchinson. To find out more about how your small business can start advertising with Nextdoor, be sure to check out this article. 

 “How Much Should You Spend On Marketing?” by Thomas Minieri 

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When crafting your marketing strategy, it’s always important to put a budget in place. However, defining what areas may require more spending than others can sometimes be challenging. Here to help with just that was artist, author, and entrepreneur Thomas Minieri, CEO of Minieri & Company

Minieri looks at several different areas of a marketing strategy in the article and how to budget them, including branding, communications, sales, and customer acquisition. However, he also dives into how to budget your advertising spend, including the types of tactics you may wish to pay for, such as social media ads and email marketing.

“A startup business should commit to a fixed number for their advertising spend as their revenue may be too low to utilize a percentage of sales as a gauge,” writes Minieri. If you could do with some help managing your advertising spend and overall marketing budget, Minieri’s article is a great place to start. 

The Next Step: Facebook Advertising 

With organic reach becoming more difficult to achieve, many businesses are turning to paid ads to reach their customers. Fortunately, almost all social platforms today offer advertising options for brands to explore. However, because of its sheer size and reach, Facebook reigns king as the most popular social media advertising platform.

Here’s how you can get started advertising on social media with Facebook:

Step One: If you already have a Facebook business page, you can head straight to Facebook Ads Manager to start creating your campaign. If not, you’ll need to create your business’s Facebook page first. 

Step Two: Once in Facebook Ads Manager, head to ‘create a campaign’ and choose from the many marketing objectives it offers depending on your overall business goals (i.e. brand awareness, traffic, engagement). Then follow the prompts to define your budget and schedule, select your target demographics, where your ads will be placed, and overall ad design. For more information on how to do this, check out this guide

Step Three: Publish your ad and then track your results in the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. 

Bonus Tip: Facebook is just one platform to advertise on. However, if you’re wanting to publish your advertising campaign across multiple platforms at the same time, you could consider using a digital tool to help keep the job under one roof. Some digital advertising tools to consider are Hootsuite, Photoslurp, and Buffer

If you could use some help developing your digital advertising strategy to get real results and grow your company, be sure to get in touch for your free 20-minute consultation. Let’s build a plan that will scale your business fast.

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