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As a business owner, sales growth is important. But when it comes to implementing new sales strategies, that’s where things get tough. How can you ensure that the strategies that you put into place will generate the returns that you’re looking for? 

In this week’s round-up, marketing experts, leading business figures, and other experts had plenty of advice to help your business increase sales and grow.

From improving your LinkedIn content to generating leads, navigating Web 3.0, improving your online catalogs, Amazon SEO, and more, this week’s experts had plenty of tips to share. 

A Practical Guide on Activating Influencer Marketing Strategy in the Metaverse” by Alex Williamson

A common tactic used by many brands to increase their sales and build their audience is influencer marketing. However with the hype around the Metaverse right now, many are questioning how influencer marketing will fit in. The answer: virtual influencers. Digital Marketer Alex Williamson gave his opinion on the subject this week on Talking Influence


According to Williamson, virtual influencers have been around for a while now, particularly in gaming. It’s just in the past few years that more brands have started to get involved, noting virtual avatars’ ability to drive purchase intent.

One sector that’s taken a particular interest in the concept is the fashion industry, who have started to create avatars to launch new lines of clothing. However, what makes this evolution so exciting is that there are many different methods to create and use these avatars.

If you’re an online retailer, then Williamson’s article is an excellent read. 

How Businesses can Use Web 3.0 Technology to Gain a Competitive Edge” by Dennis Van Der Vecht

Next up, a look at the rise of “Web 3.0.” Tech expert Dennis Van Der Vecht has written a fantastic article about how businesses can use Web 3.0 technology to gain a competitive advantage. 

Firstly, Van Der Vecht briefly covers the concept of Web 3.0 and what it means for internet users in general. He’s optimistic that some changes to this version of the internet will benefit businesses due to the increased focus on privacy and better online security. Some of these features include using Web 3.0 to improve user journeys, building customer trust, improving your audience research, and exploring the world of NFTs and even the Metaverse. 

Chances are, you’re already using aspects of Web 3.0 without knowing it. But now is the time to start actively embracing the technology to help increase your sales and overall business strategy. Give Van Der Vecht’s article a further read to find out how to do so. 

How To Power Up Your Retail Marketing Strategy With Online Catalogs” by Zach McDaniel

If you’re an ecommerce business, it’s likely that you have an online catalog. However, are you maximizing it to its full potential? Here to help out and increase your sales was digital marketing specialist Zach McDaniel, who gave some tips on how to power up your retail marketing strategy with online catalogs. 


First of all, McDaniel mentions that in his opinion, online catalogs tend to have better engagement rates and higher conversion potential than their in-print counterparts. He then gives some tips on how to improve sales through your online catalog, by using videos to showcase a product, correctly using white space, and ensuring you have plenty of links. 

Online catalogs are a fantastic tool to increase sales and drive traffic – virtually and to your physical storefront if you have one. If your online catalog could do with a shakeup, give McDaniel’s article a read. 

Amazon SEO: A Comprehensive Guide For Sellers” by Kristopher Jones

According to SEO specialist Kristopher Jones, if your ecommerce business isn’t selling on Amazon, you may not be hitting your full sales potential. To help, he’s written a fantastic guide to Amazon SEO this week which is sure to drive results and increase sales on the site.

In the article, Jones covers everything you need to know about selling on Amazon, including how its A9 algorithm works, that is, Amazon’s algorithm that it uses to decide how products are ranked in search results. He also discusses Amazon keyword research, listing optimization, using product images, audience reviews, and more.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice he offers is to be patient, knowing that improving your Amazon SEO takes a whole lot of work. But he also notes that if you’re already optimizing your SEO for Google, you’re halfway done.

Last year, Amazon ended the year with $469.8 billion in net sales, up 22% from 2020, as noted by Jones. Which is why ecommerce businesses are flocking to the site to sell. Is your Amazon SEO up to scratch? Be sure to read and bookmark this guide to start boosting your sales.


LinkedIn Rolls Out Sales Navigator Search & CRM Card Updates” by Brooke Osmundson 

LinkedIn announced a series of updates last week to its Sales Navigator tool that are particularly important if you use the platform to generate leads and increase sales. Last week, digital marketer Brooke Osmundson gave a rundown on the updates on Search Engine Journal to make sure you have your bases covered. 

The first update to its sales tool is an improved search experience. Now, when you head to the search bar, the navigator will show all available filters. And once you’ve prepped your search, the results update in real-time, making finding your target audience a lot easier and less time-consuming, as Osumundson puts it. Other updates include enhancements to its CRM integration tool, as well as some homepage features changes. 

LinkedIn is a great tool to generate leads, find prospects, and build relationships. To make sure you’re on-top of all these updates and integrating them in your marketing strategy effectively, give Osumundson’s article a further read. 


The Best Ecommerce Content for LinkedIn” by Carolyn Mara

Social media is a great way to increase sales, especially for ecommerce businesses. However not every social channel is the same, meaning you must adapt your content to suit each unique audience. This week, Practical Ecommerce’s Carolyn Mara covered how to use LinkedIn to drive ecommerce sales. 

According to Mara, LinkedIn is a “B2B lead-generation magnet,” due to its unique audience of high-end decision makers and professionals. As a result, the platform is perfect for sellers targeting business customers. Mara then suggests several content ideas to correctly attract this audience, including sharing articles, using informative videos, and posting images with graphs, infographics, and statistics. 

Ready to up your LinkedIn game to increase your sales and leads? Be sure to give Mara’s article a read. 


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4 Tips to Maximize TikTok in 2022” by Brian Pittman 

When most people think of TikTok, they’re likely to think of teenagers posting viral dances or lip-syncing challenges. Maybe that was an accurate description of the app a few years ago, but today businesses and brands far and wide are using the app to connect with their audience and drive sales. This week, social media manager Brian Pittman gave some tips on how to maximize TikTok to do just that.


Some of Pittman’s tips include creating for evolving attention spans, using influencers, and tracking and testing TikTok competitors. However one of the more important pieces of advice Pittman gives is to focus on building a community.  

“All social media platforms are emphasizing ‘community’ again… They want us to forge better connections with followers,” writes Pittman. One way to do this, he says, is to constantly think about your brands’ P-A-R (personality, authenticity, and relatability) and use it to drive your content creation

Social media is evolving all the time, reshaping how and where we connect to our audiences. TikTok is just one of many platforms you can use to connect to your audience to increase your sales and build a community. 

A Seven-Step Guide To Building A Customer-Focused Industry Sales Playbook” by Stephen Timme

One of the more insightful guides from this week was by Stephen Timme PhD, Founder and President of FinListics Solutions, Amazon Best Selling Author, and Forbes Council Member.

In his guide on how to build a customer-focused industry playbook, there are plenty of tips and techniques to help increase sales and maximize your profits. 

According to Timme, “Industry playbooks are critical to building a customer insights-led sales organization.” Yet, many businesses today still don’t use the technique, despite being such a great strategy to drive results. He then lists seven steps to create a playbook including identifying business and technology trends, defining industry risk factors, and analyzing financial performance. 

Creating a playbook takes time, as Timme notes. However, they are a fantastic planning tool to better visualize targets and increase sales. This article is worth a further look if you think your business could benefit from a firmer sales strategy.

Facebook for FinListic Solutions

How to Stop Asking, ‘Why Is My Website Not Converting?’” by Kelsey Raymond

Almost every business today has a website. However, creating a website that actually converts is another story. If you’re looking to increase your website’s conversion rates, be sure to check out content marketer Kelsey Raymond’s article.

As put by Raymond, your website “…Isn’t just a place to humble-brag about your company’s origin story or showcase your unique offerings: It’s also a prime driver for sales conversions.” This is why it’s so important to ensure you’re putting the right steps in place to create such conversions and increase sales. Her tips to do so include populating your landing pages with valuable content, testing a variety of CTAs, and studying each landing page’s metrics. 

Is your website converting as well as it should be? If you think you could make some improvements to your site, be sure to check out Raymond’s article. 


Content Marketing: Develop Your Omnichannel Strategy in 9 Easy Steps” by Kaya Ismail 

Most marketers know that a clear and focused marketing strategy is the best way to get results. However, according to new research, only 43% of marketers have a documented strategy in place. If you’re among the 43%, marketing expert Kaya Ismail is here to help this week with his helpful content marketing strategy guide. 

Ismail’s in-depth guide covers all the essentials such as the importance of having a content strategy and its benefits, before delving into his tips to set you up for success. Some of his tips include setting goals to drive your campaigns – such as increasing sales or acquiring new app users, better determining your target audience, and focusing on keywords.



The Next Step: Website Review to Boost Sales

Could your website be performing better? Here’s a few steps to help you out. 

Step One: Conduct a thorough review of your current website and ensure everything is working and is up to date (such as plugins, broken links, formatting issues). 

Step Two: Take a look at what your competitors are doing better to drive your website’s changes.  

Step Three: Create new or update existing content in-line with current trends.

Tip: The internet is undergoing immense change but nothing is set in stone, making right now the perfect time to try out new ideas and concepts. Maybe your website could use a chatbot, a video-based shopping catalog, or a virtual avatar – there are plenty of ways to enhance your site to better engage customers and boost sales. 

Looking to help your company grow? Reach out today for your free 20-minute consultation and let’s find ways that you can better generate leads and ultimately, sales.

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