It’s Great to Meet You.

I’m guessing that someone you trust mentioned my name. It’s also possible that you came across one of my videos online. Regardless, I am thrilled to have you here.

My website has an abundance of information and some great resources to get you started. Below, you will find some additional information that will help you get to know me better and understand the results I produce for my clients.

Want to know more about me?

My strategic marketing consulting services are designed to help you scale your e-commerce business, increase revenues, and maximize profits. My strengths in strategic planning, SEO, and social media helped me build two multimillion-dollar businesses in two completely different niches.

My Internet-marketing business acumen is evident in the explosive growth of I have crafted a significant SEO program for my website that combines marketplace diversification, sales, marketing, design, and fulfillment.

Through my leadership and expertise in social platforms, creative marketing, and PR strategies, RTA Cabinet Store has grown its brand and reputation through outreach vehicles, such as HGTV and DIY Network. Partnerships like these have allowed RTA Cabinet Store to leverage its buyer list, tap into other companies’ buyer lists, and share marketing resources.

The phenomenal growth of my business has resulted in my company becoming one of the top 500 fastest-growing businesses in the U.S. My intelligence, focus, and commitment to excellence creates a recipe for continued growth and success. My knowledge, passion, and proficiencies in e-commerce growth shine through in my consultation services.