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Looking for marketing strategies that you can employ right away? Or maybe you’re looking for tips to fine-tune your existing strategies so that you can draw in more, relevant traffic, find new leads, and close sales? 

If so, then look no further. 

This week, our top-ten round-up features tips on creating dynamic emails,  identifying your SEO’s ROI, new research on the consumer behavior of Gen Z-ers, podcasts that’ll help you step-up your SEO, and so much more. 

Let’s dive in and take a look at the top-ten ecommerce and marketing articles from this week.

Marketing Strategies That Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

15 SEO Podcasts to Boost your SEO Game” by Rebecca Liew 

Looking for new ways to learn about SEO and stay up to date with regular changes? Consider giving SEO podcasts a listen. Content marketer Rebecca Liew gave her review on several great shows this week that are sure to help boost your SEO game. 

Her list includes a range of different podcasts that all cater to specific areas of SEO and marketing, such as Search Off the Record which is hosted by Google’s Search Relation Team, The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing with SEO, marketing strategies, and social media tips, and TechSEO Podcast which focuses solely on technical SEO. 

Podcasts are a great way to absorb information at your convenience, whether that’s while you’re cooking dinner or on your commute home. Be sure to give Liew’s list a further look if you’re interested in giving some SEO podcasts a crack.  

Protecting Rankings & Traffic During A Rebrand: SEO Expert Tips” by Miranda Miller 

Rebrands are never simple and always require a great deal of work. Unfortunately, one aspect many companies forget when undergoing the task is how to manage their SEO correctly, especially when changing URLs and domains. Miranda Miller covered the topic this week to ensure you get it right should you find yourself amid a rebrand someday. 

The article is conveniently broken down into several tips and solutions on how to manage your SEO when rebranding. This includes how to do the groundwork for a successful migration, why you should resist the urge to make all changes at once, how to get your redirects in order, and being sure to continue optimizing and monitoring traffic changes once the change is complete. 

The truth is that there is no easy way to do a rebrand. But by putting in the groundwork, you are sure to save yourself and your company from possible failure down the track. Give Miller’s article a further read to be sure you’re across everything when it comes to SEO and rebranding. 

New Report Underlines the Importance of Social Media in Connecting with Gen Z Consumers” by Andrew Hutchinson 

One of the more interesting and insightful reads from this week was by social media specialist Andrew Hutchinson on Social Media Today who covered new findings on the consumer behavior of Gen Z. 


The new research points to several important factors that are insightful for all businesses. Perhaps the most important finding is that Gen Z is the generation most likely to be irritated by a negative experience with a corporation. 

According to Hutchinson, this is because they are a generation that grew up alongside social media and ecommerce, meaning that they expect that brands cater to their specific needs and are not shy to criticize should they find themselves unhappy with a product or brand. 

This new generation of consumers are an important audience to all businesses, particularly ecommerce, making this new research incredibly useful. Check out Hutchinson’s article that brilliantly summarizes the report’s findings. 

Why So Many Entrepreneurs Don’t Know Their Digital Marketing ROI” by Timothy Carter

Do you know what your digital marketing return of investment (ROI) is? If not, you could potentially be hurting your social media efforts, according to marketing consultant Timothy Carter who covered the subject this week on Entrepreneur.    

According to Carter, there are many reasons why marketers don’t measure their digital marketing ROIs, such as not having the resources or the time. But by avoiding the task, you’re essentially ignoring whether your social media plans are getting the results you’ve been working for all along. 

Fortunately, measuring your ROI is simple and just involves looking at the right metrics and setting reachable goals. If you think you could improve your monitoring of your ROI and need a little help doing so, check out Carter’s article. 

6 Ways Big Data Analytics Can Drive Down Costs” by Carey Wodehouse 

Sticking to the subject of analytics was content marketer Carey Wodehouse who covered six ways big data analytics can drive down your costs on Business 2 Community

In marketing strategies, data has obviously been a useful asset for initiative planning. However, due to technological advances, companies now have access to an abundance of data that can aid multiple areas of their business unlike ever before. As listed by Wodehouse, some areas that data from marketing campaigns can help are by identifying fraud to better prevent loss, driving productivity, and better digitizing your supply chain. 


To help narrow down the areas that data from marketing campaigns can improve your business and help drive down costs, take a further look at Woodhouse’s article. 

The Top 29 Instagram Tools You Need for Successful Marketing” by Neal Schaffer

Wanting to up your Instagram game? An easy way to do so, which can also save you a great deal of time, is by using Instagram tools, which Neal Schaffer covered on his blog this week. 

In the article, Schaffer lists 29 different tools that can help you out with a variety of different marketing tasks on the app. To make things easier, Schaffer broke down the tools into several categories including tools for image creation such as Snapseed for photo editing, tools for management like Tailwind to help schedule posts, tools for research such as Display Purposes to find hashtags, and analytic tools like Owlmetrics for real-time information about your account. 

Using tools is a great way to keep your Instagram in-check and boost your engagement and followers. If you’re looking for some new tools to give a go, I recommend giving Schaffer’s list a further look. 

What is the Relationship Between Instagram Link in Bio and Engagement?” by Theodora Stanciu 

If you’re an avid user of Instagram, you’ve probably seen ‘link in bio’ many times when scrolling through posts. But what does that mean and why is it important? Social media marketer Theodora Stanciu covered the simple factor that is guaranteed to drive traffic outside of Instagram. 

It may seem slightly obvious already, but ‘link in bio’ means putting your website’s link in your Instagram bio for followers to then click on. According to Stanciu, it’s a simple yet effective tactic that is essential should your business have a presence on Instagram, as it’s been proven to drive off-platform traffic and increase your brand image. 

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Even if your website is already linked to your Instagram, knowing the proven benefits of this tactic is useful. Give Stanciu’s article a read for more information. 

What YouTube Video To Make Next” by Matt Southern 

Many experts have hinted that video is the biggest trend we will see this year. However, a major challenge can be what to feature in video content. Matt Southern from Search Engine Journal was here to help you out this week, giving some tips on how to come up with a winning video idea for YouTube

His action plan is a three-step process, starting with understanding demand. According to Southern, it’s important to determine whether the content you want to make is also what your audience wants to see, otherwise your video could flop. 

One way to work this out is by reviewing older videos’ comments or by conducting audience polls. Step two runs along similar lines, which is to understand your audience by taking a look at and reviewing audience statistics from your videos. And finally, the last step is to research your competition, which involves simply looking at what they’ve been publishing and then reshaping their model to suit you. 

This three-step process by Southern is a simple way to get you moving and creating; give it a read and see if you can implement his steps in your own video content planning.

75+ LinkedIn Statistics to Capture More Leads in 2022” by Sweta Panigrahi 

LinkedIn isn’t just for networking purposes anymore, but it does differ from other social media channels. It’s used by businesses and leading influencers to market and build their brands, hold webinars, and much more, according to content writer Sweta Panigrahi.

In her article this week, Panigrahi gave a huge rundown on the current state of LinkedIn and how you can best use it to craft winning marketing tactics and strategies based on current statistics, which she lists. To make things easier, the article is divided into different segments to help you best analyze the information, including demographic statistics, usage statistics, engagement statistics, and business statistics. 

There is plenty of useful information in Panigrahi’s article, including that there are 9 billion content impressions in LinkedIn feeds every week, and 45% of marketers have gained customers through LinkedIn. If you’re wanting to create more successful marketing strategies for LinkedIn, this article is a great place to start.  

 “How Dynamic Content Can Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns” by Téa Liarokapi 

Email marketing is a tactic used by most businesses. But are your email campaigns as engaging as they could be? Content writer Téa Liarokapi is here to help this week, covering the subject of dynamic content to boost your email campaigns. 

Dynamic content is simply the act of personalizing your emails that is driven by collected data. And as noted by Liarokapi, incorporating such content into your campaigns is the first step to creating a profitable conversion. She then lists several ways to start building dynamic content, such as creating user personas and carefully tracking email metrics. 

As put by Liarokapi, dynamic content is the most advanced form of hyper-personalization to-date, making it an incredibly valuable tool. If you think your business could benefit from incorporating dynamic content into your email campaigns, check out Liarokapi’s article. 

The Next Step: Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Strategies

Many experts noted the importance of analyzing your data this week to help drive and improve your overall marketing campaigns. Although it may seem like an overwhelming venture, there are plenty of methods and tools available to make life easier. All you must do is put a system in place and get into the habit of regularly checking in. 

Step One: Create, or re-visit, a digital marketing analytics plan. This can be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your overall goals and preferences.

Step Two: Work out your successes and failures based on the results. 

Step Three: Use that data to influence and adjust your overall marketing strategies 

Tip: Don’t forget to re-work your plan as needed based on incoming data. You may find that some metrics are far more beneficial than others, however that may change from time to time too – especially as new updates and features roll out on social platforms. The trick is to keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to adjust your strategies and then test again to see what’s working. 

Want to discover which digital marketing strategies will make a difference to your company? Reach out today for your free 20 minute consultation. Let’s find some tools that will make a difference and implement strategies that’ll start moving the needle.

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