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Social media is constantly changing, and so are the ways people are using it. 

In this week’s round-up, we’ll take a look at some strategies and insight that can help you drive your social media marketing strategies forward. Experts have weighed in on everything from new social media reports and studies, to producing spreadable content, how the Metaverse is changing the game, social media algorithms, and using user-generated content.

So let’s get cracking and take a further look at the top ten ecommerce articles of the week for social media marketing.

What’s the Best B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Brand?” by Pierre DeBois

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As platforms evolve and new ones arise, the demographics of social media users shift. As a result, keeping up to speed with where your customers are hanging out can be a challenge. Luckily analytics consultant Pierre DeBois wrote a fantastic article on the subject this week to help you out. 

In the article, Debois briefly covers the different platforms where unique audiences are spending their time, based on findings from Hootsuite’s recent social media study. He then offers some advice for marketers to better engage with their audience, such as by building an omnichannel presence and auditing engagement to spot leads. 

Regularly reviewing new research, like Debois broke down in his article, is a key to producing winning and results-driven social media strategies. To find out the latest audience research to influence your strategies, give Debois’ article a further read. 

The State Of Social Media In 2022” by Will Greenwood

Looking at new research this week was also marketer Will Greenwood, who brilliantly summarized media intelligence agency Meltwater’s recent State of Social report, which looks at how social media is evolving and how relevant it is to different businesses.

Some of the key findings that Greenwood covers in the article include channel growth and use, and social media goal indexes. However, perhaps the most interesting findings that Greenwood covered were those related to emerging key trends, such as the rise of influencer marketing, with 64% of B2B organizations noting that they are either currently using or planning on collaborating with influencers in the future.


As noted by Greenwood, this article only scratches the surface of an incredibly interesting report on the current state of social media. If you want to read the full report, you can do so here

66% of B2B Marketers Now Seeing an ROI from Paid Social Media Marketing” by Krystle Vermes


Another interesting and recently released study to emerge was SageFrog’s 2022 B2B Marketing Mix Report, which found that 66% of B2B marketers are now seeing a return of investment from paid social media marketing. Covering the findings this week was writer Krystle Vermes on Ko Marketing

According to Vermes, “New research indicates that social media marketing is rising above the rest.” 

Not only are more marketers using social media in their overall marketing plans, but they are starting to receive new benefits such as an ROI on paid social media marketing more so than ever before. 

As mentioned by Vermes, social media marketing is soaring, making nailing your digital marketing strategies more important than ever before. To find out more about these new findings to help guide your social media planning, have a further read of Vermes’ article. Or better yet, check out SageFrog’s report.

How to Finally See Your Content Spread on Social Media” by Ann Smarty

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It’s easy to produce social media content. But creating content that will spread, go viral, and grow your audience is another thing. Here to help out with just that this week was marketing expert Ann Smarty. 

In her article, Smarty lists several methods and tips to help increase the reach of your content in great detail. Some of these tips include finding your brand’s uniqueness, posting visual content, smart networking, and keeping up to date with industry news. However, her most useful tip is to make sure you’re providing value to your audience, which is essential when looking to engage your audience for the long run. 

If you’d like to create successful social media content that leads to sufficient growth, Smarty’s article is a great read, full of tips, tricks, and plenty of examples to win your audience over. 

Metaverse Marketing Myths, Musts & Mantras #WAGMI” by Lisa Buyer


The Metaverse seems to be all that anyone can talk about right now. However, with that has come plenty of myths and confusion. Here to set the record straight and get you ready to delve into all the Metaverse currently has to offer was PR consultant Lisa Buyer for Search Engine Journal

Buyer’s in-depth article tackles several Metaverse myths, such as the Metaverse being completely new and unlike anything marketers have previously dealt with. However, it also includes plenty of must-dos to help clarify the immense subject, such as directing a huge focus on building community and putting consumers first. Her article also covers all things NFTs, and takes a look at some of the brands already using the Metaverse amongst their digital marketing.


Is your brand ready to take the next step and enter this new and exciting chapter of the internet? Be sure to read Buyer’s article for some insight. 

Top tips for working with social media’s complex algorithms” by Declan Leavy 


With all the hype around the Metaverse and Web 3.0, things such as algorithms may seem like a thing of the past. However, they remain just as important as ever in 2022 and are essential to having consistent engagement with your social media marketing. Social media expert Declan Leavy gave some hot tips this week on how to manage social media’s complex algorithms.

According to Leavy, if you “leave your platform dormant for too long, it will take a great deal of love and attention to rekindle the flames of engagement!” However, there are plenty of ways to ensure that doesn’t happen which he suggests next, such as by regularly innovating your content, maintaining a consistent posting routine, and keeping up to date with industry news on the subject. 

If you’d like to navigate the complex world of social media algorithms and find out how your content can rank better then be sure to read Leavy’s article.

The Top 18 Facebook Statistics Businesses Need to Understand in 2022” by Neal Schaffer 

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While more and more marketers are focusing their attention on emerging platforms such as Tiktok today, Facebook is still an incredibly important social media channel. Something that digital marketing expert Neal Schaffer emphasized with eighteen Facebook statistics that all businesses should know in 2022. 

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Some of the statistics listed in Schaffer’s article include that 66% of Facebook users either like or follow a brand page, about 15% of Facebook users specifically intend to shop there, and In America, 78% of consumers have discovered a product on Facebook – all of which are incredibly insightful facts for ecommerce businesses. 

Like it or not, Facebook is still important for a specific demographic and audience that your company may cater to, and, as Schaffer puts it, shouldn’t be ignored. If you need some further convincing, check out his article. 

The Easy Technique For Staying Visible In Social Media” by William Arruda 

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To remain visible on social media, you don’t always have to rely on your own content creation. Another technique that many brands use is curated content, which entrepreneur William Arruda covered how to use this week for Forbes

According to Arruda, there are a lot of reasons as to why you should be sharing curated content. Firstly, it saves you time. 

“Instead of spending an hour on creating new content, you just spend a minute making others’ content visible to your audience,” writes Arruda. 

Other reasons include that it provides authenticity to your brand, builds brand association, and can demonstrate company loyalty. 

If you’re having a roadblock with your social media marketing right now, why not give curated content a go? Read Arruda’s article to learn more 

10 Incredible Examples of User-Generated Content That Are Guaranteed to Succeed” by Neil Patel 

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Another social media marketing technique many brands are using to boost sales, engagement, and increase trust is user-generated content (UGC). If you’re new to the concept, or wanting a refresher, marketing guru Neil Patel produced a fantastic guide this week, stuffed with plenty of examples and ideas to fire up your digital marketing strategies. 

Firstly Patel covers the basics, such as what UGC is and why it’s so beneficial, such as UGC’s high impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. He then shares ten unique examples of brands that have had success through sharing UGC, such as Apple and GoPro, each with some tips on how you can reshape their success for your brand. 

UGC has become an incredibly common tactic used by brands on social media due to the wide range of benefits it brings. Be sure to check out Patel’s article and then start sharing UGC yourself! 

 “New Study Looks at How Social Media Users are Responding to eCommerce Integrations” by Andrew Hutchinson


Social media has been ramping up its ecommerce features in recent years, such as implementing the tool Instagram Shop. But are consumers really willing to buy products seen in their social feeds? This week on Social Media Today, content writer Andrew Hutchinson took a look at Bazaarvoice’s latest study to find out. 

The study, “sought input from over 14k consumers to get their thoughts on product discovery in social apps, what makes them buy, and which newer technologies interest them most, with respect to online shopping,” writes Hutchinson.

Some of the findings, displayed on an infographic in the article, are quite impressional. For example, 76% of people are influenced to shop via social media, and 61% decide to shop when stumbling across something on their feed. 

This study offers some great insights, particularly for ecommerce businesses. To find out more, be sure to give Hutchinson’s article a further read, or check out the study in full here

The Next Steps: Audience Analysis  

Lots of experts cited new studies this week, which all highlighted the habits of audiences right now who are shifting across and engaging uniquely with various platforms. Therefore, right now is the perfect time to conduct an audience analysis. 

Here’s how to get started: 

Step One: Gather information about your current target audience(s) using social media management tools of your preference.

Step Two: Establish which social media channels your audience(s) prefer and how they are engaging with each piece of content. 

Step Three: Use this information to update your social media marketing strategy accordingly.

Tip: Chances are your competitors will have a similar target audience to you. Have a look at how they are engaging with their audience and reshape their content and strategy to suit yours. An easy way to achieve this is through social media listening tools. Some good options include Buffer, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social.

Need help conducting audience analysis? Reach out today for your free 20-minute consultation. Let’s find some strategies that’ll help YOU to scale your company.

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