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There is no denying the speed at which online trends are changing – most often, faster than you can keep up with. One way to stay up-to-date is by listening to what leading industry influencers and marketing experts have to say. 

This week, I narrowed down the best marketing articles on current industry trends to help guide your strategies and keep you in the loop. From examples of winning ecommerce content to inspire your own campaigns to mobile app marketing, local SEO check-ins, profile picture NFTs, influencer marketing, and more, there’s a lot happening in the world of digital marketing right now. 

So let’s dive right in and take a look at the top ten ecommerce articles with a major focus on marketing trends. 

2022 Digital Marketing Trends: Focus on Tech and Message Optimization for a More Engaging Customer Experience” by Danielle Savin 

Online marketing has changed drastically over the past few years as more and more businesses take up digital solutions. However, one of the more prominent changes is how online businesses interact with their customer base, which according to marketing expert Danielle Savin is becoming more and more digitized by the day. She covered the subject this week with seven tips on how to apply such digital marketing trends to your work.

Number one on Savin’s list is to look at your marketing technology stack, such as using the customer data gathered from your ecommerce store to influence your strategies. Other tips she notes include putting personalization goals front and center, embracing SMS marketing, using marketplaces, and looking ahead at the Metaverse. 

More and more people are starting to shop online, meaning businesses must pay greater attention to how to market to this growing audience. If that’s something your business needs help with, be sure to check out Savin’s article this week.

7 Online Marketing Trends To Hop Onto This 2022” by Ben Williams 

Covering some more digital marketing trends this week was writer Ben Williams, which is sure to help steer you in the right direction with your marketing strategies.

Williams covers each trend with plenty of detail and advice, including the rise of influencer marketing and AI. However, one of the more notable digital marketing trends he notes that’s also a hot topic among other marketers is video marketing. Williams advises that marketers pay close attention to producing shorter video content which has been found to produce greater audience engagement due to the rise of platforms like TikTok


Chances are you’re already currently engaging in at least one of these digital marketing trends. However, to learn more about each trend and how you could fit them into your marketing campaigns, give William’s article a further read.

Top 5 Mobile App Marketing Trends to Watch for 2022” by Shani Rosenfelder


After Apple’s app tracking transparency policy went into effect last year, many marketers were concerned about what that meant for accessing data for their campaigns. However, according to expert in the field Shani Rosenfelder, the future of mobile app marketing is looking incredibly promising. He covered the subject further this week, with five mobile app marketing trends to look out for this year. 

The first trend is the growing space for innovation in-app marketing, which the policy inflicted, which many marketers are currently focused on, according to Rosenfelder. Other marketing trends noted in the article include user acquisition costs rising, marketers investing in more self-owned media, and tracking opt-in rates will grow. 

“Mobile app marketing is still adjusting to the privacy paradigm, which is already a boon to increasingly empowered end-users,” writes Rosenfelder. But the future’s looking brighter and more sustainable. If you use mobile app marketing or are thinking about the future, be sure to read this article this week. 

9 Ecommerce Content Examples To Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns” by Julia McCoy 

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Content marketing has been on the rise for a while now and is undoubtedly one of the most popular techniques used by marketers today. But that’s not to say it’s easy. Fortunately, strategist Julia McCoy shared nine ecommerce social media marketing examples to inspire and guide your content strategy this week.

According to McCoy, “Content marketing is tough to get right, but once you do, the results can be incredible – especially for ecommerce brands.” For example, it can lead to more traffic, leads, and build greater brand loyalty. She then lists several examples of ecommerce brands using the technique to inspire your strategies, such as Patagonia and Almanac

Taking a look at what other brands and competitors are doing in the social media marketing space is a great way to not only freshen up your campaign but also help keep your work relevant. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your content marketing, check out McCoy’s article. 

Nine Ways Social Media Contributes to Business Growth” by Joe Lim


Social media is crucial to any company’s marketing strategy, no matter what industry you’re in. In fact, 80% of business executives say social media is now a necessity for their businesses. But why exactly is it so powerful? Digital marketing specialist Joe Lim answered just that in his article this week on MarketingProfs

In the article, Lim lists nine reasons as to why social media is so important today and how it can contribute to business growth. Some of these include increasing online presence, building authenticity, enhancing SEO, and helping you keep an eye on the competition.

However, perhaps the most important tip is that social media teaches you about your audience. It’s a great tool to gather massive amounts of real-time data on your customers, which in turn can guide your marketing strategies, but also help you make better business decisions. 

“A social media presence and strategy are no longer optional for any business, large or small, if it wants to prosper in today’s digital environment,” writes Lim. Are you using social media to its full effect? If not, be sure to have a read of Lim’s article.

Influencer Marketing: 10 things to keep in mind as we enter 2022” by Ismael El-Qudsi 

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A trend that is dominating the digital marketing space this year is influencer marketing, which is now being used by many marketers to increase engagement, boost exposure, and help their brand stay top-of-mind online. Digital marketer Ismael El-Qudsi dove into the subject this week, with ten trends to keep in mind when engaging with influencers this year. 


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The first trend that El-Qudsi notes is TikTok influencer marketing, which is growing rapidly. To leverage it, he suggests joining the wave of other marketers increasing their TikTok influencer collaboration this year and prioritizing consistent creation. Some other trends El-Qudsi mentions include the rise of micro-influencers, and that influencer-led commerce will boom. 

Using influencers is now a common and popular technique that many marketers are implementing into their digital strategies. If you think your brand could benefit from using influencers, give El-Qudsi’s article a further read. 

WTF Series: WTF are PFP NFTs?” by Jakub Chmielniak 

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By now you’ve likely come across the term NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which many brands are starting to integrate into their marketing campaigns. But have you heard of profile picture (PFP) NFTs? If not, don’t stress. Entrepreneur Jakub Chmielniak covered the subject this week on Talking Influence

“Profile picture NFTs are essentially digital artwork that individuals utilize to depict themselves online, similar to an avatar,” writes Chmielniak. And the internet is going wild for them.

However, according to Chmielniak, PFPs have sparked a surge of brand-building innovation by providing customers with a virtual experience to cultivate a stronger community. Brands such as Adidas and Visa are now using PFPs and NFTs in their digital marketing, and it’s expected that many more will follow. 

Although the concept is still new and yet to fully define itself, it’s enough to get many brands excited for what the future may bring with such digital assets. Be sure to check out Chmielniak’s article to be on top of everything you need to know about PFPs and NFTs right now. 

The Ultimate SEO Checklist: 41 Best Practices” by James Brockbank

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Having good SEO comes hand-in-hand with digital marketing. The two complement and overlap each other in numerous ways and equally are reliant on each other to produce efficient results. Here to ensure you’re maximizing your SEO this week was digital marketer James Brockbank, with a handy SEO checklist to help increase your traffic and Google rank. 

The checklist is conveniently broken down into different sections, including SEO basics, keyword research, technical SEO, on-page SEO, and content. It makes it easy to navigate should your SEO only need help in one area. 

Improving SEO to stay up to date with the continuous updates it brings is on the agenda of most businesses this year. Have a further read of this article, and be sure to bookmark it, if you’re SEO could use some help. 

Struggling in Local Search? Here’s What Your Local SEO Strategy Needs to Compete in 2022” by Adam Petrilli 

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Sticking to the subject of SEO with another checklist this week, but focused on improving your local SEO to compete in 2022, was digital marketing expert Adam Petrilli.

According to Petrilli, your SEO must remain current to dominate local search rankings, something that’s particularly true for smaller businesses that often rely on a local audience. Petrilli then lists several tips to help put your small business on the map including, controlling your Google My Business listing, being consistent with updating your business listings information, and optimizing your content for local Google search. 

“Incorporating a few local SEO tips into your larger digital-marketing strategy can sometimes make a big difference, putting your business at the fingertips of a highly motivated local market,” writes Petrill. If you’re putting in plenty of effort but struggling to get results, it could be because your local SEO is lacking. Be sure to read this article which is sure to help you out. 

10. “Six ‘reel’ deal trends in visual digital marketing” by Cheryl Reddy


A huge trend that almost all marketers are engaging with this year is video content. In fact, in a recent report, it was found that 86% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool, and 93% say they are a crucial part of their digital strategies. Covering the subject of video content this week with six trends to watch out for was marketing professional Cheryl Reddy.

Some of the trends Reddy notes include the rise of user-generated video content, a greater use of vertical video, and the continued use of live video streaming. However, perhaps the most adaptable trend that many marketers are using in their strategies is short-form video, particularly on social media channels such as Instagram and TikTok.

According to Reddy, there are more consumers watching online video than ever before, making it an instrumental component to any marketers’ strategy. Could your campaign do with more video? Be sure to check out Reddy’s article.

The Next Step: Amplifying Your Marketing Efforts

Plenty of effective digital marketing trends were mentioned by this week’s experts, that are easy enough to implement into your strategies to amplify your game.  

Here’s how to get started:

Step One: Review your current strategy and access weak areas. Perhaps your SEO could do with some work, or your social media content is out of date.  

Step Two: Take a look at what your competitors are doing and compare their content to your own.  

Step Three: Once you’ve targeted an area of your strategy that needs attention and compared it to your competitors, now is the time to try out a new technique. Have a further read through the many trends cited in this week’s round-up and select one that may work for you. 

Tip: One trend that continually remains important when it comes to keeping up with your marketing strategy is SEO. Many of this week’s experts gave some great tips to help get your SEO up to date. However, don’t forget that there are plenty of great tools available – particularly when it comes to keyword research. Some good SEO tools to try out are Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz Keyword Explorer.

Do you need help growing your business? Get in touch today for your free 20-minute consultation, and let’s create a plan together! 

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