Let's grow and scale your e-commerce business!

    What is your current average monthly revenue? (Ballpark is fine)*

    $100K month or less$100K-$500K per month$500K or more per month

    How much do you allocate to marketing in your business*

    $100-1K per day$3-5K per day$5K+ per month

    How would you describe your company?

    Solo entrepreneur1-5 team membersOver 5 team members

    How do you currently generate traffic and sales? (check all that apply)*

    Your own website with organic trafficMarketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc)Partners / AffiliatesPaid Ads (FB ads, IG Ads, Amazon Ads, Adwords, etc)I'm not doing anything yet and need help

    What is the biggest pain point or reason you haven't hit your goals yet?

    Need more trafficSite not converting well enoughNeed help with paid trafficNeed a bigger team

    What do you think you need most to scale your ecomm store right now?

    Better lead gen (more leads)Better sales process (more sales)Better delivery model (more efficiency and automation)Raise capitalOther

    How important/urgent is it for you to solve this problem?*

    Very Important. I've been spinning my wheels for too long and want to be a winner.It's important,but i'm already doing well for myself so it's no rush.This isn't important. Go pound sand.

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